Australia’s country name means “southern property”, in Latin – «Terra Au-Stralis».

Possibly the experiences of mindblowing birds, demon ducks and grasshoppers of one meter cannot make us want to go on an excursion to Australia: the country does certainly not cease to attract tourists with its geographical site, nature and various tours. Hence we can declare with a distinct mind that a getaway in Quarterly report is certainly distinctive: if you happen to be certainly not afraid of the scorching sunshine, you happen to be all set to travelling even more than a day time to reach the region, and on the sun lounger do not be concerned about the presence of any amazing reptiles, grasshoppers and the Tasmanian devil.

Sydney has been generously rewarded for this kind of soul: the Great Barrier Reef archipelagoes, the blood-red monolithic Uluru, wave greeting cards for surfers, and plush koalas for sentimental ladies. Add to that the magnificent beaches and recognizable landmarks of Australia’s landmarks – such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

The main seaside resorts are located on the east coast, the most popular of which are the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). The center of the country is covered with a red desert that has its own Grand Canyon, as well as a navel on the earth – the sacred Uluru Mountain, which locals call the “Red Center”.

To the north, close to the settlements of the local tribes, there are numerous parks with waterfalls, rivers, crocodile and many other living creatures, the most famous of which is Darwin.

Surprisingly, the tropical region has two seasons: in February and March – hot and humid and in the rest of the weather – warm and dry. Some regions in Australia are subject to drought or flood every year. The average temperature in summer is 20 – 28 ° C, in winter + 11-25 ° C. The probability of frost is only present in the Australian Alps, where the minimum temperatures can reach – 22 ° C. In summer, rain is not visible.

As far as the Australian wildlife is concerned, it is unique and diverse. Birds, kangaroos, zebras, koalas, and more than 700 bird species have been found on the continent. Enjoy the wildlife, it is extremely interesting and unique.

The Sydney Opera House will impress with its grandeur. It is the most recognizable building in the world and is a favorite of world photography. Transformed in 1973, it is now an architectural structure and is a hallmark of Australia. Like a sailing ship, the building contains over 1000 places for visitors.


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