The Amazon jungle, the golden beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the delicate aroma of coffee, the roar of powerful waterfalls – which, just like a magnet, attract an incredible number of tourists from around the globe to Brazil. Furthermore, the beaches in the united states – the most well-known which is Copacabana, the ocean is warm and clear, and Brazilian cuisine, in addition to Brazilian women, stop the breath of tourists on a journey to Brazil.

The Rio Carnival is another popular tourist attraction with many offers for Brazil.

The climate in the united states is typical of tropical countries, and is quite different in various areas – from equatorial to subtropical. The rainy season (in Rio – January to March, in El Salvador – April to June) means, generally, less tropical storms as high clouds. The peaks of the tourist season are New Year’s and Carnival.

As a memento from Brazil you may bring a hammock and a lovely lace. Brazil can be home to very rare gems: citrine, tourmaline, diamonds. You can even buy top quality leather goods: shoes, bags, belts and wallets.

Brazilian cuisine is formed by three seemingly poorly combined ingredients: European, African and Native American culinary traditions. The united states is favored by the “Feijoada” style (black beans, meat, vegetables, flour and spices), mashed beans and meat, marinated fried “sarapatel” with various sauces, sun-dried meat.

From the sights of Brazil, you will first want to start to see the first capital of Brazil, the old and new city of El Salvador de Bahia, the historic center where in fact the slave market was previously and anywhere you go, you will love magnificent types of colonial architecture , carefully restored and partially adapted to incorporate useful features with World Heritage Sites. Sao Paulo may be the largest commercial center not merely in Brazil but also in the complete of Latin America.

Iguazu Waterfalls – a genuine wonder of the world, are positioned in Iguazu National Park, where in fact the Parana and Iguazu Rivers meet, on the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Every Brazilian city has at least one football stadium – Brazil holds the absolute record for the amount of stadiums on earth.


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