Which is the first thing, you imagine, when you think about vacationing in Bulgaria? Sea in summer? Of course, this is one of the favorite kinds of tourism for Bulgarians. But why vacations and tourism should only be associated with summer?

Bulgaria has one huge advantage with regards to tourism over much larger and richer countries in Europe and not only – it offers literally unlimited opportunities for full-fledged tourism at any time of the year. And it is not necessary for travel lovers to devote large financial resources, make a complex organization and take long vacations, to travel to distant destinations in order to meet their passion for travel, if they do not have this opportunity. Bulgaria is packed with undiscovered places and opportunities, all year round which are at our fingertips. And another “bonus” – when we speak about near by destinations, in this full case in our own country, it is much much easier to take good thing about even better deals on last-minute travel or even during the busiest tourist season. Below we share our ideas for tourism in Bulgaria every season.

Spring is one of the favorite seasons of true travelers. After winter, in which the most ardent travelers slow down the pace a little even, the warming of the weather and the awakening of nature bring unique motivation and inspiration for new travels. About tourism opportunities, spring is a very strategic time. It includes both the final end of the winter tourist season, and early summer, and offers extremely interesting features at a fantastic price.

Green Forest, lush meadows, flowers and lots of sunshine – that’s all, which nature lovers need. And spring is the best season for this purpose. In spring, waterfalls are the most high-water, and time allows us to walk long hours, without overheating or freezing. For spring hikes, we don’t need special equipment, besides comfortable shoes and raincoat in case just. And the natural beauties of Bulgaria cannot be listed. Whether you’re going for a few days of mountain hiking with lodging in cozy chalets or bouncing on a weekend to a cozy village like Rozhen, from which you shall stroll along the eco trail to Melnik and back – you choose!

Summer is the season, in which dreams come true. Finally it’s time to head out to the sea and spend at least a few days relaxing on the beach, with a written book and a cold drink in hand. Or yelling at the young kids, for which this is a dream come true every right time. And the Bulgarian Black Sea coast offers something for everyone. As for nightlife lovers, for which the sea is more like an add-on to the 24-hour coupon, and for those, seeking a tranquil and secluded holiday. And if you believed in the stereotype ever, that the Bulgarian sea is corrupt irreversibly, a surprise is had by us for you! The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is packed with almost secret and undiscovered corners, very tranquil places, small cozy villages, where you can escape the crowds really. All you need to do is get off the key road! The northernmost Black Sea, north of Kavarna, is from these accepted places. Even Romanian tourists bypass Durankulak and Krapets somehow, every year though they are becoming more popular. The situation is similar in Rezovo and Sinemorets to the south. Look outside the big resorts Just. If all-in-one entertainment is wanted by you, cultural and historical sites and quick access to the big city – gamble for sure – Sozopol, Nessebar, Pomorie.. the possibilities are limitless..

Autumn is the most beautiful tourism season in Bulgaria probably, if you ask the photographers especially. The palette of shades of yellow, brown and red is enchanting. Like spring, the season is great for nature walks, along the hundreds of scenic eco trails in our country. And for spa vacations – for the same reason also, as a result of which spring.

The late summer season continues from mid-September to mid-October and you will still go to sea, though with limited chances of sunbathing. But the breeze and the waves there are, and with them the romance of the sea.

The months of October and November are exquisite for tourism, if you have the possibility to take a vacation outside the established national holidays and have a more limited budget. This time Just, between summer and winter season, offers many opportunities for a good price holiday – whether by the sea, in the mountains or in some spa resort.

Autumn is also a good season for some specific types of tourism such as hunting tourism. Although for some species the season is year-round, The hunting season for most species on the territory of Bulgaria is normally from the beginning of October to the end of January or early spring..

Winter is the most active season for ski lovers, snowboarding and other snow sports. And it’s true, that other tourists, who do not ski, slow down a this season little. We remind you, that there are many more wonderful places to visit and activities in the winter, regardless if you don’t like skis. Winter is a wonderful season for visiting historical and cultural sites, museums, galleries and a myriad of indoor attractions, if you are not a fan of cold temperatures. If the snow doesn’t scare you, walking through the snowy hills and mountains is an option always. This is a good idea particularly, if you are looking for options for tourism with children.

SPA and balneal tourism Fans of spa and balneal tourism know, that spring and fall are “their” seasons. Between the skies in winter and the sea in summer, the weather is great for bathing in a warm mineral pool, procedures in the steam and sauna room or relaxing massage. All this combined with a nice walk in the good weather outside. And since spring and autumn are considered to be slightly weaker seasons traditionally, compared to winter and summer, the offers for a SPA holiday in the spring in the Bulgarian resorts are more than good. And there are many options. Velingrad, Hisarya, Chiflik, An old man, St. Constantine and Helena (Yes, there are mineral pools and the sea!), Ognyanovo, Stara Zagora mineral baths, and much more, There are many options for a SPA holiday in Bulgaria.

The year Cultural and historical tourism – a must throughout As much as we love the serene relaxation under the sun or the fresh nature walks, it is nice to incorporate body rest with active rest for the spirit. You will probably, too, that “doing nothing” gets boring somewhere on the second day. And the human thirst for knowledge and new discoveries can be quenched never. So while resting on the sea or the mountain, it is always a good idea to insert a visit to historical or cultural sites. And there are thousands of them in Bulgaria. If you don’t know where to start, start with the most great and famous ones. There are places in Bulgaria, that everyone should visit at least in their life once. Like the Rila Monastery, the Shipka peak monument, the old capitals of Pliska, Preslav, Veliko Tarnovo, Revival towns and villages like Tryavna, Bozhentsi, Crane, Kovachevitsa, Flattened. Let’s go back in history, when the territory of Bulgaria was home to thriving Roman cities – ancient Serdica, ancient Plovdiv, the legendary Nikopolis ad Istrum near Veliko Tarnovo and many others.

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