The heart of present-day Turkey is Cappadocia, a historic district within the central area of the country that looks just like you are on another planet. If you embark on a visit to Cappadocia, it is possible to see unique landscapes, snow-capped volcanoes, rocky outcrops and fertile valleys. And among Cappadocia’s most interesting sights is its underground cities.

Following the 3rd century, Christians commenced to actively explore the region between your three major cities in Cappadocia – Nisen, Nazianzen and Caesarea. They used the underground shelters dug, according to historians, before, and gradually expanded and deepened the cave structures and created a genuine underground world. Today, this ancient underworld is available to visitors and you could see sections on five levels.

Offers to Cappadocia often add a visit to Nevsehir – mostly of the cities where individuals live because they did 500 years back – in caves converted into modern homes. Goreme may be the key attraction of the region – an open-air museum which includes about 30 cave churches. Derinkuyu can be an ancient underground city near Nevsehir, built-in the 8-7th century BC.

Against the setting of ancient landmarks, modern-day Cappadocia is a significant tourist destination, attracting several million foreign tourists every year, mainly from Western Europe, India, China, Japan and America. There are numerous quality hotels for tourists – from luxury to basic. Holidays in Cappadocia provide a selection of recreational services – skiing, ethnic festivals, ballooning.

For a first-time visitor to Cappadocia, exploring the spot often commences with a visit to the administrative centre Kaiseri (Caesarea). It really is a significant professional city and administrative center, with a population of over one million people, with typical modern multi-storey buildings. Here you will see archaeological and ethnographic museums with interesting collections.

Rent a scooter and explore the region using its many landscapes, or visit a balloon in the sky to start to see the beauty of the valley with a bird’s eye view and take unique pictures.

Take the streets of Goreme, see the souvenir shops, or benefit from the ancient murals on the walls of the temples dug in to the rocks. In the late afternoon, try among the local specialties at among the street restaurants.

After that you can climb Mount Yuchhisar and contemplate the setting sun above the rocks.

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