China’s authenticity has remained intact for hundreds of years. The country awakens the creativity of thousands of tourists whom are curious about taking a trip to China. Here you will find countless testimonies of China’s glorious past, legends and myths about the Forbidden Town, the architectural masterpiece of the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army that can be found beyond time.

Holidays in China are an unique chance to appreciate the unique charm of the country’s most ancient fortress town, witness ancient spiritual practices, move through ancient settlements, and wake up up with roosters in an old house.

The main appeal in China is the Great Wall of China in the north. The fortification symbolizes an endless number of opportunities of the country, such as envy, diligence, ambition, knowledge, and simultaneously distrust of the outside globe. Tourists can stroll along the flawlessly carved stone steps, the walls overgrown with shrubs, and many are carried into the distant past.

More recently, this is a little port city where at nine in the evening electricity stops and the city sinks into darkness, today, Shanghai is a sea of light, has the highest skyscraper in the world and is a fashion and culinary capital and entertainment center. Vacation deals in China and Shanghai are quite attractive.

The Forbidden City of Beijing Emperors is no longer a taboo in the true sense of the word, but covered in legends and innumerable intrigues. Palaces and pagodas, stylized lake and mountain – all give the impression that this small piece of land has taken over the whole country.

Changbai Shan is the largest nature reserve in the country, spanning more than two thousand square kilometers, where forests are inhabited by tigers. In addition to spectacular waterfalls and beautiful nature, travelers can enjoy the volcanic summit and lake in the crater of the volcano. This lake is also called Heavenly Lake. Of course, there is also an opportunity for a beach holiday in China – the blue skies and mild climate contribute to the popularity of Hainan Island among tourists from all over the world. In the eastern part of the island there are beautiful valleys dotted with rice fields, spectacular bays and beautiful beaches.


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