Crete is the most significant island in Greece, a well-known seaside holiday destination and one of the most interesting with regards to historical sites in the country. Right now there are 3 airports on the island of Crete: near Heraklion (the capital of the island), not really far from Chania (the administrative center of the region of the same name) and at Sitia airport in the eastern part of the tropical isle (domestic plane tickets only).

Most spas are located along the north coastline. Crete is divided into four areas: Heraklion, Rethymnon, Chania and Lasithi. Each of them offers a fully developed tourist infrastructure. The swimming time of year on the beaches of Crete, from mid-April to mid-November. In July and August, the local resorts can be too hot and in the additional months the mild subtropical climate guarantees a comfy stay on the island.

There are also exotic beaches and bays in Crete, and most entertainment areas on Crete Island are positioned in a little gulf, protected from the wind by rugged ledges, and therefore, in these places is relaxed and the warm sea is guaranteed.

Crete Tropical isle offers a great selection of spas, both with regards to accommodation and outdoor recreation. For example, Elounda can be the most luxurious resort in the region and the cost of holidays is not low.

You will find some of the best beaches for your holiday in Crete in the resort villages of Malia and Stalida.

One of the main attractions of Crete is the Knossos Palace, built during the reign of Minos about 4, 000 years ago. According to legend, this is the Maze of the Minotaur, from which Theseus managed to escape only with the help of Ariadne’s threads. Excursions to Crete often involve visiting the most incredible natural landmarks on the island, such as the Samaria Gorge. Its length is 18 km, and it reaches a depth of 1000 meters.

Whatever your preference, you can be almost certain that Crete will win your heart once and intended for all.

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