Outdoor trip to Croatia – crystal clear Adriatic Sea, previous town, ecological holiday and great price!Holidays in Croatia yearly finds new fans. It recently made an appearance on the world map as an independent state, but Croatia has gained a well-deserved popularity, due to the beauty of nature and the unique climate that enable you to enjoy a holiday on the beach.

Croatia is surrounded by greenery, and on holidays prices are extremely reasonable, especially compared to additional European countries. The offers for Croatia are extremely interesting: Istria and the picturesque old part of Rovinj, Porec, Pula and, of course, the gem of the southern coast, the Dubrovnik Museum – architectural, historical and artistic monuments.

In Croatia, nature is varied and has many faces – mountains and valleys, sparkling waterfalls and mysterious caves, attractive caves and endless expanse of clear blue sea. Holiday villages in Croatia offer an unforgettable encounter for all who visit this hospitable and sunlit country. In this country, you will find unique nature, maritime climate, historical sites and cultural monuments, active sports and health resorts.

While traveling in Croatia you will find the rocky coast and fragrant aromas of Mediterranean herbs, trees and shrubs, such as rosemary, laurel, immortelle, Spanish broom and strawberry tree, which blend with the aromas of sage, mint, thyme and other aromatic herbs in close quarters. slopes. Olive is an eternal mark of time and space that can be found almost anywhere.

Thousands of islands, islets and reefs, sheltered bays and bays and green pine forests all appear to congratulate the marine world.

Where ever you decide to go, besides Croatia’s landmarks, presently there are many cultural events – drama, music or dance, outdoor screenings, performances by world-renowned artists, or film festivals.

Offers for Croatia rely on a quantity of factors, including the desired vacation date, the number of tourists, the itinerary, and hotel accommodation, excursions and a program.

If you are searching for a good reason to visit the pristine nature of the Mediterranean, there are many temptations that Croatia offers to its visitors. An genuine Mediterranean encounter that you can take home with you and keep until you return.

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