If you are looking for a spot to stay that is not only fun but exciting and will leave you with memories of a lifetime, a trip to Cuba is the best solution.

Yes, Cuba is not a country that is famous for its wonderful cigars – this country boasts some of the best tourism destinations in the world.

Do you think that the Cubans actually look like their country in a crocodile and therefore call it “El Cocodrilo? ” Indeed, from the top, it looks like a crocodile. However, it is not dangerous – Cuba is one of the few countries in the world where there are no animals or plants considered to be dangerous to humans – so as a tourist you can feel safe during your holiday in Cuba.

Cuba is like a princess in a tattered dress – there is often gold behind the ruined facades. These are the contrasts that make the journey so exciting, full of surprises and unforgettable. It is as if time has stopped and you can forget the security of the West and expect the unexpected. Cuba is multilayered, difficult to understand, misunderstood, but above all – with classic beauty.

The preserved colonial cities of Cuba have not changed much since the pirates invaded the Caribbean. The atmosphere and architecture of Havana, Trinidad and Camaguey are among the landmarks of Cuba – grand squares and cobbled streets tell stories of other times, of abundance and magic. Elsewhere, buildings have been demolished and faded in time, like old men.

The white fine sand that covers the north coast makes it a desirable vacation spot for all sun seekers and beach lovers. However, Cuba has much more to offer – cool forests, swamps full of crocodiles, undeveloped landscapes and mountain ridges known as the country’s revolutionary folklore.

Streets of life are like a frame of life unfolding prior to our eyes, and the aromas cannot be wrong: tropical papaya and the breath of tobacco, essential oil and wet carpets. Cuba is like a banned fruit – a multi-layered country with a great deal of controversy, passionate music and a preserved background that keeps you waiting for what If you are a salsa dancer, be certain to put your dance shoes in your suitcase – you may dance to the full!

Cuban music is like a love affair between Aurican rhythms and Spanish guitar, which has echoes from Africa, colonial Italy, the Taino tribes, Haiti and Jamaica, France and even China.

Hold your camera or camcorder tightly, there will be many stills and filming sights.


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