A beautiful country with many opportunities, the Czech Republic has it all: Golden Prague, a beautifully Gothic city, the only one in Europe to maintain a number of monuments of medieval architecture; the huge number of castles, palaces and ancient towns that are under UNESCO protection; unique spa resorts, the oldest in Europe, loved by kings and poets, musicians and artists for a long time; the former aristocratic and cultural centers of the Czech Republic – all this is included in the offers for the Czech Republic.

The most popular trips to the Czech Republic definitely include a visit to Prague. Conveniently situated in the center of Europe, the country offers a great chance to mix a visit with all Central European countries. Presently there are different options for mixture tours, and the Prague and Krakow combined tour is very interesting.

Vacation in the Czech Republic on the beach? Yes of course! Relax in the cleanest ponds of Czech Republic, with detachable infrastructure surrounded by pristine nature and far from the heat.

Many individuals coming to Prague are trying to check out the neighboring countries, and in vain neglect of the Czech cities. The number of monuments safeguarded by UNESCO for such a little area occupied by the Czech Republic is simply enormous. Karlovy Vary ranks second after Iceland and New Zealand when it comes to sizzling springs. Not only do hot springs attract Karlovy Vary, it is also a very beautiful city with colorful, unique style and architecture. Gastronomy is definitely especially worth paying attention to beer – this is one of the attractions of the Czech Republic. And now, the Czechs are first in the world in per capita consumption of ale. This is not surprising, since the local ale is really tasty.

It is always worth trying out dumplings, a local specialty, especially loved by the Czechs. Dumplings made from flour of various types of meat or pastries. Holidays in the Czech Republic can appeal to every taste – couples who want a romantic atmosphere, a family with older children who are thinking about visiting castles or a medieval inn; young men and women come to the Czech Republic for brewery and affordable prices, and lovers of history and culture will find many interesting historical and architectural monuments.


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