Just how much does a vacation in Dominica differ from those in other Caribbean destinations? First of every, the Dominican Republic is not simply some small exotic island, like the greater number of different countries in the Caribbean. This island is actually a relatively important country, which is a very interesting destination for an excursion. If you pick a trip to Dominica, be prepared for adventure, water sports activities, culture and history, and nature.

Dominica offers the best rates for vacations throughout the Caribbean, and Dominica offers are mainly for families. The tons of beautiful beaches of Punta Cana, the country’s best resort, attract tourists from all over the world. In recent years, many high-end hotels providing great accommodation, service and food have opened their particular doors, along with many golf courses – about 30.

The sights in Dominica are mostly organic – it would be a pity, however, to look at the country only as a destination with nice beaches. The nature of Dominica is certainly one of the most various of the Carribbean – it includes everything from tropical forests and alpine ranges to swamps and deserts. Mountain motorcyclists, surfers, climbers, hikers – there is something designed for everyone and although it is a major country, designed for the Caribbean, it is very an easy task to incorporate different destinations and see a lot in one time.

The Dominican Republic is packed with life under the rhythm of meringue and bachata, with a breath of rum and a passion for baseball – from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata, Dominicans know how to have fun, and you will observe this in many carnivals that are like a window to culture – if you have the opportunity to get involved, do not hesitate.

Hundreds of kilometers of coastline shape the frame of the Dominican Republic – part of the beach with fine white sand and rows of palm trees, other parts are stone, dunes and lagoons. Fishermen’s villages or tourist complexes – once the oceans around which are located are full of pirates.

With the exception of the capital, the majority of the Dominican Republic is uninhabited – if you drive inland you will see cows and horses grazing around the roads. Even deeper inland, you will come across views reminiscent of the European Alps, with rivers making their way through the jungle and beautiful waterfalls. Four of the five highest peaks of the Caribbean rise near Santiago and deserts extend southwest, making the island’s physical diversity unequaled.

There are two tourist seasons in Dominica – the summer months of July and August, when tourists from the Northern Hemisphere fill the resorts, and the winter season from December to February, when the island’s climate is optimal. Remember that the Dominican Republic is at the center of the Caribbean hurricane zone, with August and September being the hurricane months.

And no matter if you plan a vacation in Dominica because of the beach, the music, the culture or nature, the place will enchant you.


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