Dubai may be the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Everything generally is incredible here. The tallest building in the world, artificial islands noticeable from space, luxury hotels with unusual architecture, huge malls, crowded festivals and interesting exhibitions – all of this is Dubai. Founded in 1833 in the Gulf, Dubai is continuing to grow from two settlements – Deira on the northeast coast of the bay and Bur Dubai on the southwest. The Arab heritage and financial growth, as well as high infrastructure, make it possibly the most picturesque city in the Arab world.

Dubai’s landmarks are mostly shocking to its design, glass skyscrapers and steel buildings, highways and intricate road junctions that coexist with one-story clay houses in the Old City, where narrow streets result in a noisy Oriental bazaar.

If you continue visit to Dubai you’ll be surprised by the contrasts of the town – near to shops selling the most recent technology are conveniently located silk traders from India and Pakistan. And Dubai’s most prestigious street creates the feel of a fairly European city.

The former desert oasis that started in the desert now attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe. A lot of hotels, restaurants of most cuisines all over the world, a number of coffee and luxury will entice even the most experienced traveler to a vacation to Dubai. The blissful luxury and number of large stores, which can be tall, have their own parking, a chain of restaurants, children’s entertainment centers and a lot more than 20 in number, certainly are a temptation not merely for ladies.

Dubai’s long history has earned it the title of “Sports Capital of the East” – it has opportunities for international competitions, which attracts outstanding athletes from all over the world. Traditional fun for Dubai, along with in other emirates, are camel and horse racing, polo, falconry. There are several modern clubs – among the largest golf courses in the world is here now. Dubai is quite lively at night, there is fun for all tastes.

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