A vacation to Dubrovnik, probably the most beautiful cities in Croatia, the “pearl” of the Adriatic will immerse you in the fantastic past of the city. The town was founded at the start of the refugees in the 7th century by Epidaurus, together with the Slavs who founded their village Dabrava. After some time, both of these settlements formed one city and later the Republic of Dubrovnik. The Republic through the DARK AGES was a rival of Venice. Most of the old downtown buildings remind us of their legendary past. The Republic of Dubrovnik is a proud cultural and commercial center.

Today’s Dubrovnik is a great and charming resort town with lively nightlife. Make sure to stroll through the streets of the town and explore the sights of Dubrovnik. The walls of the town surround the well-preserved ancient complex of private, public, religious and secular buildings, representing all periods of the city’s history, dating from the 7th century. Enjoy Stradun Main Street, Prince’s Palace, Cathedral, Church and City Hall.

Throughout your vacation in Dubrovnik you’ll be able to visit several places independently: the aquarium in the old area of the city; the romantic island of Lokrum; panoramic area near the top of Mount Srd and a pleasant city park.

Dubrovnik offers are slightly greater than other regions due to the tiny base and the large influx of tourists who would like to relax in this paradise.

Holidays in Dubrovnik can be more interesting and varied if you opt to book a vacation. You can embark on a wine tour, that will permit you to learn the secrets of Peljesac winemakers. Extreme sports fans can launch themselves on the river with a raft. You can embark on a picnic, take a boat ride along the shore or just take a city tour to learn a lot of new and interesting things from its history.

A weekend in Dubrovnik is not enough to enjoy the atmosphere, unless you attend one of the international festivals dedicated to dance and music. Such events have been taking place here every summer since 1950. At that time, there were more than thirty urban scenes in the city that were constantly being sucked into.

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