Egypt is a Middle Eastern country and has solid Middle Eastern customs. Whether Muslim or Coptic, the Egyptian persons are deeply religious and religious principles control their daily lives. Each family member is accountable for the integrity of the family and for the behavior of the other members, creating a culture that many persons in the West would covet. The result is that Cairo is safer than any Western city of equal size and inhabitants.

Yet, when Western cultures visit Egypt, they are often in the beginning uneasy. Their views on Egyptians are often shaped by media stories that are unimportant to reality. Travelers are often pleasantly surprised simply by the friendly and welcoming reception they receive.

Fine sand tombs, pyramids and temples are the landmarks of Egypt that awaken the adventure in each of us. Visit the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, where Tutankhamun’s tomb is, and hop upon a boat to stroll the Nile waters to visit Dendara.

The Red Sea coast has a desert beauty above the waterline and captivating beauty below it – this is one of the most popular dive destinations. There is so very much beauty and space in the deserts of Egypt, and its landscapes are breathtaking.

The old stating that Egypt is the Nile’s gift idea still keeps true: without the river, there would be simply no fertile land, water and electricity. And even although people’s lives are physically distant from the drinking water, the Nile plays an extremely important role. Luckily for tourists on an excursion to Egypt, the river is also a place from which to see the impressive ancient monuments and a vacation cruise on it is a very popular way to travel to Egypt.

Whether you enjoy the dawn of the lowlands of Sinai or the shiny horizon of the comfort of the hot springtime of Siva, you will never get tired of the desert scenery of Egypt – this can be good, as the desert is 95% of the nation. In a land where time is measured by dynasties and the distance by the setting sun, the opportunities for rest amidst the unfolding sand and water are plentiful.

Of course, Egypt is known not only for its coral reefs, its beautiful coral reefs, but for its people. If you decide to bargain at the ancient Kahn al-Kalili market in Cairo, have a cup of tea and talk long and wide with a local, or just stop for a moment in one of the remote villages, it will give you a sense of character, color and the power of the country.

Egypt is indeed a country steeped in history and traditions that is visited by millions of people from all over the world. If you are looking for a holiday in Egypt that will allow you to explore the country and its culture, be sure to check out our offers for Egypt, because it is worth it to plan a trip there to experience the wonders of the country yourself.


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