Florencia is a delightful city in Italy, the capital of the Renaissance, the center of tourism and fashion, and the most Italian of all Italian cities. The Roman legionnaires who founded metropolis in 59 BC, on the banks of the Arno River, called it as if they were planning on a glorious future for the city.

Today, an excursion to Florence is chosen by those just who want to experience the city’s unlimited cultural customs, admire its ancient, correctly preserved architecture, enjoy great wines and dishes from the Tuscany region and shop. The best time to vacation in Florencia is September to October and March to Might. It often rains in November and the wintertime months are generally not as comfortable as fall or spring. It is better to refrain from visiting metropolis in July and August, when in addition to the really large crowds that emerged to enjoy the sights in Florence, the weather is very hot and humid.

A weekend in Florence is not enough to visit this completely deservedly named outdoor museum. The architecture of the town is breathtaking – everywhere, on the streets and squares, palaces and temples can be seen masterpieces produced by the best Italian masters. The third greatest cathedral in the world – Santa Maria del Fiore, the famous Uffizi Gallery with an incredible collection of paintings by the greatest artists, the famous Ponte Vecchio, a centuries-old rings tradition, the exquisite Santa Croce Church, where local residents are buried, including Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Dante and Rossini – these are just a very small part of what Florence offers.

If you stroll through the town you will see how the architecture of the town obviously influences the way of life and thinking of the locals.

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