The Istanbul vacation is a prime exemplory case of what sort of harmonious beach holiday could be combined with dynamics of a multi-million dollar metropolitan city. Situated on both shores of the Bosphorus, the location and its own long coastline attract tourists from worldwide, often even simply for a weekend in Istanbul.

The Marmara Sea beaches are positioned in Fenerbahce and Jadebostan and so are suited to families with children. The water here’s shallow and the water temperature is a few degrees greater than in the areas. On the Asian coast, you could see several beaches about 1 km long, with sun beds and umbrellas, and even tents. There is a little but popular pay beach in Fenerbahce Bay.

Relax on the Prince Islands – they are among Istanbul’s landmarks. The beaches listed below are many, and the vast majority of them are well equipped and provide all of the conditions for a lavish beach holiday. On the island of Buyukada may be the Yuruk Ali beach, in which a thousand and 500 persons can lie comfortably under the sun. Guests are available a variety of water sports and bungalows for people who choose to stay longer.

Istanbul offers have a tendency to be the most enticing through the swimming season. The city is hot during the warm months, and the growing season starts in early June, when the water in the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea reaches a comfortable 20 ° C and the air warms up to 26 ° C.

In July and August, temperatures continue to rise and sometimes rise to 35 ° C. With the onset of autumn, there is a slight chill, but this won’t prevent tourists and citizens from spending days and days on the beaches of Istanbul.

Beaches on the Black Sea coast are concentrated in the European part of the spot. Top-level beach holidays are given by Uzunya Beach Club. It’s not only considered among the cleanest beaches in your community, there is a camp, a billiards room and a restaurant. There are various natural attractions nearby: caves, rocks, and beautiful sandy beaches stretching up to 72 km.

Should you be on a vacation in Istanbul, you should attempt the Turkish bath – you say that in the event that you didn’t undergo it, afterward you were never really clean. Visitors undergo several hot rooms and finish off at the massage table for an extremely enjoyable experience. Among the other sights of Istanbul could be the Topkapi Palace, using its many yards and portals, and also the harem; Saint Sophia, however, is a exceptional mix between Christianity and Islam. The building is among the wonders of world architecture, today converted into a museum. The Sultanahmet, or Blue Mosque, may be the only mosque in Istanbul with six minarets. The Dolmabahce Palace houses both Clock Museum and the Crystal Pavilion.

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