The particular growing number of individuals wanting to go on the trip to Japan is usually no accident – the particular exotic beauty of the particular past, embodied in temples or wats and modern chrome plus glass skyscrapers, all within complete harmony, attracts vacationers from around the globe and all through the year

In The japanese, there is a extremely clear love for character and all living items – everywhere you appearance, you will notice parks and supplies everywhere, even a filter strip of land in between skyscrapers is going to be planted along with grass. You are able to stay within Japan for two days and still not realize the country and the inhabitants. In Japan, you will have enough freedom to clear your mind, making it easier to drink a cup of tea in the gazebo under cherry blossoms.

Offers for Japan include a visit to Tokyo, a city of stunning contrasts. In Tokyo, as the capital of Japan, of course, there are many people. Its 50-storey skyscrapers seem to be buried in the sky. Halogen inscriptions, colored lights facades of houses, luxury and splendor. And between them are one-storey rural houses inhabited by people.

A trip to Japan will take you to a world where one of the main and most exciting events is the cherry blossom. In what other country, which is the world leader in technological development, is it possible to hear about such a tradition?

There is a very interesting tradition in Japan that is characteristic of this country, of which we know very little – called the Momiji hunt – red leaves. So, sometime in October, in the season when the trees change from green to red or yellow, many Japanese try to take a break to enjoy the falling leaves. It is a romantic and incredible love for nature that distinguishes the Japanese people.

Japan’s landmarks are also natural – Fuji is the highest mountain, Niko Park, not far from Tokyo, features beautiful lakes, waterfalls, hot springs and gorges, and in Omi Omi, a tiny city near Tokyo, has the bonsai park.

It really is not possible to list all of the places of this country, since almost every corner associated with the house is known as almost holy and almost every passerby is a wise guy or even a great thinker. The particular culture and art associated with the land of the particular rising sun always plus at all times astonish the whole world along with the talent of the experts, whose products are recognized by their exquisite beauty.


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