A trip to Lisbon, the largest city in Portugal and the capital of the united states, will need you to the mouth of the Tagus River, close to the Atlantic coast. Pastels and nightlife are somewhat similar to Havana, and the blue ocean, bridges and trams are similar to San Francisco, a lot of London’s chic boutiques, and you could feel the spirit of North Africa in Alfama.

Tourists arriving in Lisbon are surprised by the city’s unusually bright and rich landscape. It serves as a way to obtain inspiration for poets, writers, artists and filmmakers. White-tiled roofs climb the slopes, with facades decorated with colored tiles, and the winding steep streets give Lisbon a particular charm which makes a growing number of tourists decide to spend their holidays in Lisbon.

You don’t need to rent an automobile or bike: the streets of the Old Town are too steep and too narrow, and walking or the famous streetcar number 28 is a lot easier. Each day, a huge selection of citizens utilize the trams to access work, shop and return home by the end of your day.

The attractions in Lisbon are many – the tram number 28, for instance, would go to St. George’s Castle. This former royal residence, built-in the fourteenth century, was destroyed through the terrible earthquake in 1755. On the other side of the river you can observe the statue of Christ, which is an image of the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. If you are just for a weekend in Lisbon, don’t miss the Principe Real neighborhood, which offers tourists design boutiques, antiques, French pastries and coffee. It is quiet and has a creative and bohemian atmosphere, conducive to late breakfast, long day or evening walks.

Who knows what you can find in the Mauritanian neighborhood of Alfama – a labyrinth of streets, with its dilapidated houses and colorful fountains and small shops selling everything from soap and lipstick to brooms and mineral water. Restaurant chefs cook grilled meat on the street, children play in the sun, and there are street musicians everywhere.

Evening offerings in the city along the riverbank are included in the Lisbon offers – Lisbon cuisine, thanks to the proximity of the ocean, will delight you with seafood and fish of all kinds, dishes prepared with many spices – bay leaves, pepper, olive oil and salt, and most restaurants are small, family-run, and fairly inexpensive.

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