Adventure to Madrid, the funds of Spain and the particular birthplace of incredible, unconventional and slightly extravagant men and women like Salvador Dali, Goya, Cervantes great Don Quixote. World-famous museums, the Sunlight Square, ancient architecture, amazing monuments, the Royal Structure and many shows are usually waiting for their viewers whenever you want. The city really does not sleep, and inhabitants and visitors of metropolis fill tapas bars.

Amongst the landmarks of This town is the famous Retiro Park, where the environment brings peace, satisfaction plus tranquility: it offers everything a person need for a great holiday – green lawn, warm sun, beautiful older sculptures and Baroque structures, an alley with music artists, souvenirs, a castle created from Velazquez, and following to it is definitely an synthetic lake.

Climate The environment of Madrid is ls with hot summers plus cool winters, making holidays in Madrid appropriate in any time of the year. The typical January heat is around 6 degrees Celsius and in This summer the air in the capital warms up to 25 degrees Celsius.

Madrid offers usually start with activities and visits to the most crucial tourist spots of the city, one of which is Puerto del Sol – the square with the primary symbol of the town – the bear. An additional attraction of the town will be the world-famous Prado Museum, formerly known as the Royal Museum of Painting and Sculpture. The museum contains the biggest collection of paintings: Goya, Velazquez, Rembrandt, Titian and some other great masters.

For all those who want not only to enjoy tasty Spanish meals, but also to observe a true flamenco packed with professional dancers, let them inquire about the Corral de la Moreria cafe. Residents of the town are keen on nightlife, which usually starts in the second half of the week here. Excursions to Madrid are affordable and the experience is extremely exciting and enjoyable.

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