Mexico, in particular, the Mexican United States, in southern North America, is the cradle of the oldest Mayan and Aztec civilizations; the birthplace of sombrero and tequila; as well as a favorite tourist destination all over the globe.

Holidays in Mexico: Various Thought

Mexico is not just a modern metropolis but additionally a famous resort around the Pacific coast, the Carribbean and the Gulf associated with Mexico. Once in South america, limiting your stay in order to the beautiful beaches associated with Cancun, Riviera Maya or even Acapulco is unforgivably unpardonable.

The attractions in South america are many – this particular is a great location for excursions. Numerous historic and cultural monuments create tourists curious, and throughout the tours of South america, you will definately get an unforgettable encounter – snowy volcanoes, deserts and lush rainforest.

South america is located between 2 oceans: the Pacific Sea and the Atlantic Sea. In the south a person will locate a tropical weather, in the north — subtropical. The best period for trips to South america is from October in order to May. At that period, warm, cloudy weather won in the country.

The particular capital from the Mexican condition, Mexico City is one of the tallest and largest cities in the world. The center of the city is El Sokalo, surrounded by the Aztec buildingsTenochtitlan (Temple Mayor) and the architecture of the colonial era. There is also the largest Catholic Cathedral in Latin America and the Cortez Palace.

The world-famous Cancun is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, on the Gulf Coast. The luxury sandy beaches of Cancun are visited annually by more than half a million people who travel on holiday in Mexico.

Nature has generously endowed Mexico: there are more than 50 national parks with a total area of about 800 hectares, including the world-famous Bosenchev with mountain pine forests, La Molinche and Pico de Orizaba to the famous volcanoes, the natural reserve of rare birds Selestrum and others.

During the tour of Cancun, you can visit the nearby underwater national parks of Garafon, Conte and the Cankanab Lagoon, as well as the Crocodile Park.

The offers for Mesico are different – from a national park that is a natural aquarium, forest caves, exotic fish and lush vegetation in striking colors, you can see almost everything.


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