Paris, france is the most passionate city on the planet. A journey to Paris, the capital of France, is a journey into the world of fashion, the city of lovers, the epitome of luxury and elegance. Each year, 45 million tourists choose a holiday in Paris in the name of the old spirit of the French kings of the capital, magnificent castles and palaces, magnificent churches and cathedrals, numerous museums, beautiful gardens and parks, exquisite shopping, delightful French cuisine and wines, and captivating French cuisine and wines. -can in the old theaters.

Throughout its history, Paris has played the role of the world’s leading political center. Now it has international significance – here are the headquarters of UNESCO and the International Chamber of Commerce.

The sights in Paris are many. There is a great variety of things to do that allows you to experience the most and fully immerse yourself in the city atmosphere, even if you are just for a weekend in Paris. The main cultural and historical sites of Paris are so well known that they can be easily listed by anyone. But before you rush out to search for deals in Paris, plan a time to enjoy the works of art, the atmosphere, soak in the local cafes while drinking a cup of coffee with a crunchy croissant, or a glass of delicious French wine.

Be sure to visit the Gothic pearl of the city – Notre Dame and take a stroll through the Latin Quarter, take a fascinating vessel trip on the Die, and go to the particular Coupole Cafe, with normal customers Scott Fitzgerald plus Ernest Hemingway. Procope espresso was visited by celebs such as Voltaire, Russo, and even Napoleon Bonaparte.

Champs-Elysées is one associated with the most elegant roads of Paris with luxurious shops, prestigious cars plus expensive restaurants. The Eiffel Tower, built for the particular 1889 World’s Fair, will be the world’s most frequented and photographed attraction.

Specific attention must be compensated to the museums associated with Paris, they are a lot more than any other town in the world. The particular most famous the first is the particular Louvre, which features 3 of the most popular women – Venus Miloska, Hireling shepherd and Nike associated with Samothrace.

Paris is the very convenient starting place with regard to day trips: magnificent Renaissance castles in the Loire Valley, fantastic nature as well as the famous Mont Saint Michel in Normandy and Disneyland for the little types.

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