Portugal on the map : merely a narrow strip in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. But despite its small place, there are many points you can do in Portugal, and it provides a variety of impressions. After all, Portugal is 1 of the oldest countries in Europe having a rich history.

An excursion to Portugal can be structured by everyone in their own own way: relaxing on the magnificent beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, considering the pristine landscapes, the incredible diversity, or seeing the magnificent monuments of the past.

To the west of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, are the resorts of Estoril and Cascais. They have a unique microclimate – in the summer it is warm and sunny and soft during the rest of the year. Nearby is Capo de Roca – the westernmost point of continental Europe. The beautiful sandy beaches offer a unique opportunity for windsurfing.

The most chic beaches are in southern Algarve, Portugal. It is the southernmost province of Spain, washed by the oceans of the Atlantic. In the Algarve, the heat ranges from 30 ° C, so you can relax almost all year long.

In inclusion, the Algarve – the ideal place for a holiday in Portugal with children. Water park, amusement parks, shows marine animals, yachts, caves, ancient fortresses and lights, interesting excursions — all of which younger tourists will enjoy. Madeira — a beautiful, blossoming green island in the Ocean.

Madeira has everything in order to fascinate you: the subtropical climate, the beautiful character, the abundance of unique flowers and fruits, the particular grapes brought once through Cyprus and Crete, and naturally, the hotels that make it among the best resorts in the world

Azores — volcanoes rising from the bottom of the ocean. Their slopes are covered with evergreen subtropical forests and plantations of bananas, oranges, apricots, and vines. Closer to the top you will find lots of mineral springs.

During the trip in Portugal you can enjoy golf because there are about 60 different areas. Or bullfighting. During the celebrations in several cities of the country are organized bullfights, which are some of the favorite of the Portuguese. And you may taste excellent local wines.

It is impossible to imagine a tour of Portugal without having to visit ancient cities and architectural ancient monuments. The landmarks in Spain are mostly the old monasteries, churches, castles and fortresses that were built on the centuries of the state’s history. Almost every city has museums of ancient and modern art, ethnographic, archeological and historical, because well.

The capital of the Republic of Portugal — the old city of Lisbon. It could be difficult in order to discover a more romantic town in the world. Lisbon – metropolis of mariners. Think of that Christopher Columbus and Magellan walked the particular streets of this town. For fearless Portuguese mariners, they are constantly reminded of the magnificent typical monuments near to the old royal structure.

The pearl of England is metropolis of Sintra, in the middle associated with the century became the particular residence of kings. The particular symbol of Sintra is usually considered the National Structure of Paso Real, within the heart of the particular city. One of the particular highest hills of Sintra is crowned by the particular Palacio de Pena : a fairy-tale castle encircled by a beautiful recreation area.

In Braga, within the northern, are the remains of the Roman temple, amphitheater plus aqueduct, a 12th-century cathedral that buries Henry associated with Burgundy, Count of England, father of the very first Portuguese king Alfonso I actually. Certainly one of the key shrines associated with Portugal – The Cathedral of Jesus.

In Mafra it really is worth seeing the monastery built in the particular 18th century in respect of the heir associated with King John V. This particular huge complex is well-known in the world with regard to its considerable library of 30 thousand volumes.

1 of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Portugal is Evora. The unique appearance of the town is formed by more than 30 churches, monasteries and palaces.

Holidays in Portugal will bring you many experiences. Hospitality will be one of the the majority of characteristic features of the Portuguese, so they will certainly always be welcomed because old friends everywhere.

Spain is a fascinating country which can be called a silent European countryside, where virgin nature coexists peacefully with developed tourist infrastructure, and respect for national traditions coexist peacefully with Western traditions.

Coming here, you immediately feel happy. In addition, the guests are pleasantly surprised from the desire of the locals to help in any situation, combined with the quiet dignity, courtesy and restraint inherent to them.

Extensive sandy beaches and rocky coastlines separated by the dunes of the Atlantic Ocean, gentle hills covered with greenery and mountains, an abundance of flowers and red soil… Portugal. This is a rare region where everyone can find something for themselves: pristine landscapes, incredible diversity, so unusual for a country with small territory, and magnificent monuments of the past. There are many offers for Portugal. Give yourself a break at the “end of the world” – here you will spend unforgettable days full of excitement!


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