Best Things To Do When On Vacation in Singapore. Singapore is one of those countries that is known for different things, this city of contracts offers many small and large gems that you can explore during your Singapore vacation. It does not matter if you are loaded and coming to play, or if you are a simple individual looking to have a good time Singapore offers great adventures for everyone. To help you get started we have listed down the best things to do when on vacation in Singapore.

1. Marina Bay Waterfront – Your vacation to Singapore will not kick off perfectly is you do not stroll along the marina bay waterfront. A 3.5km long bay walk that will take away everything you have been storing within and completely wash every inch of worry from your body. Making it the perfect way to start your vacation, as you get sprayed by the cold water.

2. Orchard Road – Singapore’s very own fashion street is the place you want to hit first. It does not matter if you are buying or just looking exploring the Orchard road is a must. A 2.2km shopping center that offers great entertainment. Placed in the heart of Singapore it is the best place when looking for luxurious shops, hotels, and restaurants.

3.Bumboat – A thing most vacationers skip out on is taking a ride on the bumboat. However, if you are in the exploring mood, and want to make sure that your vacation is perfect then you need to explore downtown Singapore on a bumboat. The boat will take you a wonderful journey, and you will not regret this amazing experience.

4. Gardens By The Bay – If you love nature then this modern green space will blow you away. Garden by the bay homes 101 hectares in the center of Singapore. Where tourists and locals can enjoy a breath of fresh air while enjoying innovative designs and architecture. There are three main sections that you can check out, making sure you take on the complete experience.

5. Sands Skypark – One of the best places you will visit on your vacation to Singapore is the sands Skypark observation deck. When you reach the top you will be able to view the entire city in the flesh. Shaped like a ship the Sand Skypark houses 900 guests, allowing you a free 360-degree view that is free from any obstructions.

6. Chinatown – When in Singapore you simply cannot miss out on an authentic Chinese culture that only Chinatown has to offer. The delight of enjoying the old and new, that takes you through the most beautiful and full of life streets. Chinatown is home to family-run stores, traditional market places, tea houses, and some of the best restaurants in Singapore.

7. Clarke Quay – To make sure you get a well-rounded experience during your vacation, we suggest you go clubbing at Clarke Quay. A premier club that offers a stunning sunset view, with a part that goes beyond midnight. So if you love dancing and music, then Clake Quay should definitely be on your list.

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