Turkey is unquestionably one of our favorite destinations for tourism, see and view some of 20 historic sites and natural beauties to learn why. It is located on two continents Europe and Asia and is a bridge between them. Turkey is built on the ruins of 4 empires, the national country has a rich culture and history, has many attractions and extraordinary natural beauties.

To view and see popular places in Turkey, We recommend that you make your vacation as long as possible or take a few short trips to different destinations. look, explore and select exciting destinations. Fethiye and the butterfly valley is a unique area, which is considered one of the most romantic places not only in Turkey, but all over the global world. You can only get by water here, for this you shall need to take a sea trip from the port of Fethiye. Through 1995 Butterflies Valley is recognized as a construction and reserve is prohibited here. You can stay at a tent or in one of the huts overnight, and have lunch at a marching cafe, which is merely there during the summer months. Despite the incredible clean beach and scenic views, the key attraction in the valley are the butterflies, are almost all the representatives of life in the Mediterranean here .

Patara Beach (Patara) is approximate 15 sq. m. by Fethiye. With its length of meat strip from 17 km is one of the longest and most spacious and large beaches on the Mediterranean. It is a protected site, as large endangered sea turtles lay their eggs and develop their offspring here. On it you will see many ruins from Roman and Lycian times, there are no buildings that prevent you from looking, a few small coffees just.

The near by town of Demre is the birthplace of St. Nicholas, Byzantine Bishop of the IV century, who is considered to be the prototype of Santa. There is the ancient city of Mira from Lakia also, where St. Nicholas the Wonderworker himself is buried, only on 5 Km. from the Mediterranean coast in Antalya in southwestern Turkey.

Cotton or “the castle made of cotton” is a unique natural landmark, with its white stepped terraces filled with turquoise azure water. which is found in southwestern Turkey near to the populous city of Denizli.

Many years ago, many earthquakes caused many earthquakes in the Menderes River Basin. They contained a sizable amount of calcium and limestone carbonate, and so, from the sedimentary rock, tavertine formed Pamukkale.

Mineral water has been known for centuries for its healing properties and reaches a temperature of +35 to +90 °C

If you climb to the top, you can see the Cleopatra’s pool, there is information, that she visited this accepted place and if you wish you can dive into her spring, filled with mineral water. according to legend, thanks to him he manages to retain his beauty and youth.

Oludeniz Beach is located on the Aegean coast. It is known to all avid surfers in the region and offers many water sports. If you are tuned this is the place romantically, the beach is isolated and the tourists who visit it can enjoy the turquoise blue sea and eat at the amazing restaurants on the beach.

Bozcaada Island is in the northern Aegean, preserved its ancient appearance perfectly. Tourists can visit the Venedik Fortress, take a stroll through the picturesque old stone streets and eat at one of the cozy restaurants, or enjoy the sandy beaches with your loved kinds just.

Ephesus is among the finest preserved Roman cities, it is a accepted place where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the great Roman Empire. The majestic ruins are important historical monuments, and marble roads are a popular attraction for tourists on the western Turkish coast.

The homely house of Our Lady, located only on 7 kilometers from Ephesus, is a accepted place of worship not only for Christians, but to Muslims also.

The Roman Library of Celsus is one of the buildings in Ephesus (in present-day Turkey). It was built between 114 and 125 g. by Tiberius Julius Aquila Polemean in honor of his father Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemean. The paternalfather and son are Roman senators and consuls. At the bottom is the burial chamber, where the marble sarcophagus of Celsus is laid. The library was completed by the wealthy Ephesian Claudius Aristesian and guarded 12 000 books – rolls, located in niches.

Troy was sung by Homer and learned by Heinrich Schliemann, today Troy is among the fields, planted with peppers, tomatoes and corn and it looks more than modest. Hisarluka is a legendary historical hill, located on 7 km from the access of the Dardanelles, on which the archeological remains of Troy were discovered, personified in Omirovata “The Iliad”.

Theatrical Aspendos is found in the town of Sherik in the province of Antalya. Built during the right time of the Roman Emperor Marc Aurelius, it is one of the most attractive antique sites in Turkey.

Apollo Haram is found in the ancient city of Didima ( today Didim) about 15 km from the town of Milet, it was one of the most impressive buildings of the Ancient World. It is located next to the Aegean coast, the temple of Apollo attracted thousands of worshipers. Who in ancient times was visited by Alexander the Great often, Mark Cleopatra and Anthony, spending a complete lot of time in it.

These full days from the majestic temple, ancient shrine with 120 columns with a height above 30 meters, there are only the ruins of 3 columns barely. Evening If you can have a good time for visits it is, when with more luck you can watch the sun go over the majestic temple down.

Simena is an ancient city built during the Lycian period, and now on its remains is the village of Kale or a translated fortress. Some researchers suggest, that the water space between the two cities was a horseshoe-shaped land once, sunk after a major earthquake. In Simena you should also try squeezed orange or some other type of citrus juice freshly. According to a true number of studies on 40 km from the city, in Finike, grow the sweetest citrus fruits on the planet.

Asos is an ancient city, founded by the Greeks in the 7th century BC, today it is also known as Behramkale and. The populous city is forbidden to have any new buildings in the port area, and the complete renovation of the buildings is done with the aid of characteristic local stones, so it’s safe to say, today that Asos looks almost the same, as it ago was centuries. Experience the city’s centuries-old history by visiting the ruins of the ancient Acropolis, the temple of Athens or a mosque from the Ottoman period.

St. Peter’s Castle in Bodrum, today it is a museum of underwater archeology. It was built in 1402 g. by the Knights Hospitals. This is a accepted place you should see and explore, it features objects, found in diving among the sunken ancient ships. The club Catamaran in Bodrum is the most significant floating club in Europe, fit 1500 a tourist. With its transparent bottom on its deck and bright light show, it is an attractive place for any tourist who loves nightlife.

Tonight The Catamaran Club is open, during the day so, walking between the local beaches. Here tourists will enjoy the most amazing music and cocktails program of popular DJs.

Club Paradise Diving in Marmaris offers the likelihood of any adrenaline-loving and diving tourist, to plunge into the underwater world and enjoy the colorful fish and all marine life in the reefs.

Kursunlu Nature Park, is in close proximity to Antalya. The incredible nature here has created the ability for romantic walks with your loved one. Waterfalls and Lakes, picturesque views and comfortable picnic areas, all of this will turn your ordinary trip into a romantic adventure for the whole family truly.

Alanya offers the ability for a little adventure, taking a boat ride through the sea caves, with your loved one. These mysterious landmarks of Turkey attract lovers of the romantic and the unusual. The caves have their own history and romantic names even, such as “Girls Cave” and “Cave of the Lovers”.

The mountain or Nimrod is a little above 2100 meters Nemrut, located nearby the peaks of Ankara in Anatolia, and is located on 60 km from Adyaman in southeast Turkey.

On top of her through 62 g. etc. Hr. King Antiochus I built his tomb Theos, which surrounds it with various statues about height 9 meters. He depicts himself There, and two lions, two eagles and different greeks, Persian and Armenian gods, which are unique objects of history and culture. Later, over the centuries, the heads of these statues were separated from the physical bodies and are now scattered throughout the area.. If the sunset is watched by you from the eastern terrace on the summit of Nemrut, when the last rays of the sun turn lone heads orange, you will feel the very specific mysterious atmosphere of the accepted place.

The rock Manastira SUMELA is the major landmark on Turkey’s Black Sea coast. It is one of the oldest Christian temples in the global world and has important historical and spiritual significance. It is found in a picturesque hilly area in Trabzon in the northeast of the national country. It is a to visit and view the impressive interior with beautiful murals must, which have been restored completely, whatever, that the monastery is longer active no.

Safranbolu is an ancient city, which is located of Ankara 220 Km north, he is “a living museum” already, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the past, it was a crucial point along the Silk Road, as trade routes change, his fame fades and wanes. Today in Safranbolu you can see preserved in perfect condition local architecture masterpieces from the Ottoman period almost.

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