Venice is considered to end up being the most incredible town in the world mainly because it is a city of water, built especially for pedestrians. Many island destinations, separated by canals and connected to one another by bridges, neat and beautiful buildings, wonderful atmosphere and a sense of wonder – all these appeal to thousands of tourists. An excursion to Venice is usually a great choice intended for a honeymoon, a passionate getaway and a great vacation.

Holidays in Venice will certainly surely turn into an unforgettable adventure: everyone will certainly get many unforgettable experiences, learn about the history and culture of not only this beautiful city, but throughout Italy.

The greatest influx of visitors is observed here in the summer – the Venice and July offers are particularly attractive to visitors. Therefore , the best time to travel to Venice is September or October, when the weather is usually still warm and obvious and people are not so much.

Presently there are fewer visitors in January and in February and March, everyone will certainly be able to visit the famous Venice Carnival. Obviously, the tourist boom is usually increasing during this period, so if you usually do not aim to visit the carnival, it is better to delay the weekend in Venice for another time.

Venice offers include a number of vacation packages with visits to a lot of museums. Venice’s landmarks are mostly made up of unique architecture – San Marco Square, decorated with beautiful mosaics, the Doge’s Structure and the bell tower system with a clock. Take the small streets of Venice that tell many stories and legends, see the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto Bridge, walk to the islands of the Venice Lagoon.

If you are intending to the market, you will not be disappointed – most boutiques can be found on the streets close to San Marco Square. Right here you can purchase things from well-known brands like Armani, Greatest extent Mara, Gucci, Roberto Cavallo and Missoni. In addition to clothing and components, Venice is well known for the carnival masks, Venetian wide lace and glass.

A genuine heaven for connoisseurs of delightful food – Venice provides a real culinary break – pasta, various seafood, risotto, and of training course pizza. Another interesting feature – desserts are offered only to tourists and locals eat them in home. You should try a local lemon move called “sgroppino”.

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